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As the principal of this school, I believe Imam Ali Center School is a place where education, entertainment, community engagement, and friendship join hand in hand to build a better future for the American Shia community.


IACS is home to more than 100 students and their families, not to mention more than 25 staff members. At IACS, we are proud to start our Saturdays with Quran circles and end them with group prayers. We spend our Saturdays learning to read and memorize the Quran, studying the life of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and his beloved family, and enculturing ourselves with the Islamic faith.


Our community believes in the power of the Quran and the words of the Ahl al-Bayt.


Our mission is to utilize their lessons to help our children and youth grow and prosper, not only as a Shia Muslims but also as successful and educated citizen. We are blessed with educated teachers and staff, sincere volunteers, dedicated parents, wise advisors, and most importantly, ready-to-learn students who make every Saturday a joyful one.


At IACS, we are honored to share the responsibility of educating Shia children with parents, and we invite everyone to join our mission, because we are confident, with the blessing of Allah (SWt), what we do is a one of a kind.

Meet Our Teachers And Staff

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Sr. Sara Jaber
TA Br. Ali Naqi

Quran and Islamic studies

Sr. Ibtissam Khraibani

Quran and Islamic studies level 2

Sr. Asya Al- Hassan

Quranic studies

Br. Faisal Al Churaikhi
TA: Sr. Elham Jawadi

Quran and 

Islamic Studies 

Sr. Zeina Zaraket with  TA: Ayah Zaraket

Quran & Islamic studies

Sr. Asma Noori

Islamic Studies 

Br. Ahmad Rizvi
TA. Mohammad Safavi

Islamic studies boys 

Sr. Hamida Hussein


Sr. Wahida Hashimi

Office Management

Sr. Zahraa Akhwand

Quran and Islamic Studies 

Br. Ami Hussain Akhound 

Office staff 

Sr. Nazia Shah

Office staff

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